Monday, March 20, 2023

Dazzling Light Like a Sun in Meditation

While concentrating on Trikuti, the light as bright as sun appeared from the right side of my forehead. This happened when I was doing the last leg of the japa of ‘Om Sri Matrey Namah’ in today’s sadhana. The 40-day sadhana was just about to complete in a few days.

The yellow light was too bright and powerful but faded as quickly as it appeared. My joy no bounds on the vision of the dazzling yellow light that filled me with warmth, happiness and positivity. I was half surprised and half confused. On disappearing of this peculiar sensation, I had an intense desire for the repeat telecast of the same experience.

This experience was a great encouragement in my Sadhana. The appearance of Prithvi tattva represents yellow-coloured light which means that I was transcending the physical consciousness. My heart beat jumped on the vision of dazzling light but I must have breathe slowly, very slowly and should remain calm and steady in my asana. May be next time I would be able to control my emotions and could hold this vision for a longer time.

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  1. Jai Sri Hari, From your experience of concentrating on Trikuti during the live yagya, I have learned that the path of spirituality involves transcending the physical consciousness and tapping into the divine within us. As the great saint Ramana Maharshi said, "The self is not in the body, the body is in the self." This reminds me that we are not just physical beings but spiritual beings having a human experience. Thank you for sharing your journey of connecting with the divine and reminding us of the power of regular spiritual practice.