Friday, March 17, 2023

My spiritual experience of watching Sri Hari's Aarti live

Date - 17.3.23

Place - My home

I could not sing a single word of aarti as I was crying horribly. As soon as I saw the alluring Sri Hari Bhagwan during the live telecast of Aarti from Sri Badrika Ashram then tears welled up in my eyes and I started crying uncontrollably. Dark skinned Bhagwan's hands, feet, face and eyes resemble red lotus flowers in the black tinted water of Yamuna river. 

With a mere glance from His big eyes He destroyed the darkness, ignorance, loneliness of His devotees filling their lives with bright crimson colored joy, happiness and optimism. He subdued Kaliya Naag, the serpent who resided in Yamuna river, a representation of coiled serpent of Kundalini energy by channelizing its poison of hatred into bliss and enjoyment.

Pic - Sri Hari Bhagwan

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