Saturday, April 23, 2011

Isn’t it pretty?

“First come with me.” The kid said to me as I entered their house.
“Hello, dear.”
“Hello. There is something new. I want to show you. It is in the kitchen.” He was too excited.
I followed him towards the kitchen.
“See, as I open the cupboard, new dustbin of white in color of penguin shape comes out. The black lid on its mouth opens automatically and as I close the cupboard the lid gets closed to avoid any fowl smell coming out and doesn’t allow the breeding of small insects. When it is filled it can be taken out to empty it in the big dustbin of the society.” He demonstrated the functioning of the new dustbin. With little twinkling eyes he asked me. “Isn’t it pretty?”


  1. :) I guess it would have looked rather cute, the dustbin penguin..

  2. So there lives a pretty penguin in his cupboard!