Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Trash on the road

A shopkeeper threw the empty cardboard container on the road. Before I could utter something he took the last sip of tea from the kulahad, a disposable mud cup without handle and also threw it on the road.

Should I pick up the empty container and kulahad from the road and threw them back in his shop or should I ask him politely not to throw trash on the road?


  1. If you throw it back on him, i dont think there would much difference between you and him, as in both of you are throwing stuff where they are not meant to be thrown.

    telling him politely would do any good, i doubt? yet you could have tried that.

    On this occasion, you could have simply picked it up and discarded in a bin somewhere nearby.

  2. I would for sure.. Pick it up and instead of throwing maybe put it politely next to him and then show him the Bin ...


  3. ..well politely ask him to use Bin...!!

  4. Chandrika,

    I second Always Happy.

    Take care

  5. @ All : Thanks! Special thanks to Always Happy! :)