Sunday, April 17, 2011

A strange dream

A strange dream is haunting me from the past few days. In the dream I saw myself going in a lift, its door opened at tenth floor and to my surprise my ex boyfriend entered the lift. Doors closed and lift moved down. Tremors were felt. Lights went out. Lift fell down in uncontrollable speed. Violent and unpleasant noises of free falling of heavy objects could be heard. With a force lift hit something hard below. The dust, pieces of bricks and cement fell in one corner of the lift. It was good as I could see a hole above created by a pillar. He was pressing all the possible options of his mobile while I was throwing my dupatta from the crack above so that it might get entangled somewhere. Repeated efforts of mine bring the desired results and I climbed out of that lift holding that dupatta. Meanwhile I could hear the signals of low battery again and again from his mobile till it created a dark void.

He stepped forward to hold the dupatta, I freed it to fall it on the ground of lift. I brought the stones to cover the hole. “Same you will feel now as I have felt when you stopped talking to me, stopped all modes of communications; an engulfing silence and even more engulfing darkness!” I forgot the pain of scratches of all sizes on my body made by the sharp ridges of hole as my heart was filled with immense pleasure of making him suffer.

When I am kind hearted person how even in my dream can I be so cruel?


  1. I think sometimes they represent how you might still feel, anger and hurt, does not mean you would ever act the dream and that is because you are a kind hearted person. I think dreams are a way the body works through issues. I have had some doozies, some that leave you feeling very out of sorts....Yours may indicate that you are in control of your life and won't put up with such things next time.....but what do I know....have a great week. nice to visit here as always.

  2. I do not doubt that you are a kind hearted person. But every human has a brutal and cruel side too. And yours only is active when you sleep :)

  3. Chandrika,

    Dreams do not have anything to do with your traits but it depends on your last thoughts while drifting off to sleep. May be you saw some movie about revenge or read such book which crossed your mind at that time.

    Take care