Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Little cat

“Meow! Meow!!” The kid tried to chat with the little cat. It got up, jumped on the ground and came near him, rubbing her body against his legs.
“It is showing affection to me.” The kid happily told me. He became busy with it.
I buried myself into the book which I was reading.

A few minutes later, the kid came running from a passage where he went while playing. “It raised its tail showing her anger as I went near her three kittens that lived in the box behind the stairs in the passage. Thats why I ran away from there. Two kittens are exactly like her and the other one is pure black like their papa.”

“Do you meet their papa also?” I stopped reading and asked.

“No.” He looked at his new digital wrist watch and said “It is 10.48am. Papa must have gone to work and will return in the evening. Moreover, if the color of kitten does not match with mother then it must be of father’s.”

“It can possibly be their grandparent’s color.”

Do you think it is the right time to teach him Mendel’s Law or should wait for some more years?