Monday, April 11, 2011

Wrong side, RIGHT!

On critical examination of my suit, I realised that I must discard it from my wardrobe as the chikankari embroidery had frayed as well as the orange color print had faded. I was sitting in waiting lounge hence a little bit free to think about such things.

My dupatta flipped from the gust of air from the ceiling fan as someone who just entered the lounge switch it on. I noticed that I have draped it from wrong side, uneven threads were clearly visible. I rectified my mistake. To my surprise, the suit was stitched with wrong side of embroidery on right side of the suit as poorly and roughly finished ends of threads have lose ends on the right side.

I did my Masters in Clothing and Textiles and my thesis work was on creating innovative designs of embroidery on woman’s garments like saree, suit, gown, lengha etc.

Do you think it’s my life’s biggest mistake or there are still more chances that I can make sillier mistakes?

Photo (Top) : Wrong side of embroidery
Photo (Below) : Right side of embroidery


  1. ... textiles? :)
    I am the one with the different socks, if you want to spot me in the crowd ... so if there's a mistake somewhere hidden in your nice and strange narrative, I am sure it can be surpassed.

  2. In the days where wardrobe malfunction is the in-thing and people walk about in torn clothes in the name of fashion, i wonder if anyone at all complimented you on good thread work ! ;)

  3. style main rehne ka,,,
    style main rehne ka,,,

  4. wow..a proper qualification in textile and clothing..great yaar..
    I think mistakes are created by god, for us to make it..Enjoy it and learn from it.

  5. Oh come on! Don't gloat so much! LOL! Making mistakes is a privilege. It gives you a chance to think about it and perhaps laugh at yourself. This one according to me was an oversight than a mistake. ;-) Go do better ones! Haha!

  6. @ Everyone : Thanks! :) Special thanks to Kavi. :)