Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Ice cream only!

I took my plate and reviewed the tempting dishes displayed in a buffet. Alas! I was invited in a party on the day when I had fast. I could not even taste the yummy recipes and had to survive only on fruits, milk products and sweet besan products. I didn't take salty food on the fasting days. In party, there were no fruit platter. In sweets there were gulabjamuns and kheer. Both I couldn't take because they contained maida (refined wheat flour) and rice. The only option left with me was ice cream. But there was only ice in the huge bowl and no ice cream.
"Please bring the ice cream." I asked the waiter.
"It is coming in a few minutes." He replied.
I waited patiently. And there was no other option except to wait. The waiter put the bowl of ice cream. There was no ice cream scoop for serving rather a large spoon, may be to decrease ice cream consumption.  I took the serving spoon and fill it with ice cream from the bowl. The ice cream was so sticky that it didn't come out of the serving spoon even after applying little force three four times on the spoon. I applied more force and finally some of it drop on my plate. Wow! I got some! I was delighted like a child. I repeated this not so interesting phenomenon six times. I found a seat for myself and enjoyed the ice cream.
My belly was not filled. I decided to take more. I took my plate and went near the ice cream counter. A middle aged man was trying to get some ice cream out of it but he didn't. He wiped the ice cream from serving spoon with his finger. Oh God! If he was a non vegetarian and had eaten meat with his hands and didn't washed it. What should I do? 
I took the serving spoon filled it with ice cream and emptied it again on one side of bowl. Now I could use it for serving ice cream as I had cleaned it with ice cream. For the first time, I used ice cream as a utensil cleaner agent! I took some more ice cream by applying some little force again and again on the spoon till ice cream dropped on my plate. When I turned around to go to my seat eleven persons were eagerly waiting to hold that spoon from which ice cream did not come out without applying trick!     

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