Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wooden bird house for sale

I designed and painted this wooden house for small birds like Indian Robin, bulbul, house sparrow and humming birds. It is far far better than the metallic ones as in summer metallic ones absorb heat and can cause harm to the eggs and babies. The babies may die because of high inside temperature. Where as the wooden bird house protect them from the scorching heat and helps in maintaining the optimum temperature inside the bird house. The muddy look attract birds more.

Don't imprison them in cages but give them a house. Give them home and not prison! As the number of trees are less so where they will make nests? You can give them a small space in your balcony and garden where they can lay eggs and rear their babies till they fly. The chirping of the birds will make your morning more pleasing.

To attract more birds you can place water bowl, food grains and some other eatables in another bowl.
They will soon make a nest as it is nesting period for most of the birds.

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