Monday, April 13, 2015

Sweater - Dil ki Deal

On a dark winter night it is so easy to get into the bed and it is too difficult to get out of the cozy bed on a foggy morning. Like everybody, I too consider it a tedious job. To be out of bed, going towards main door of my flat to open it, is like to climb Mount Everest without an oxygen mask! Invincible!!
“Ding Dong!”
My maid, Samoli was a live alarm clock. She daily rang the bell sharp at 5:30 a.m. without a minute delay. Her accuracy always surprised me, as she was illiterate and never wore a watch. I wrapped my self in several layers of woolens covering all my body parts except sleepy eyes.
“Ding Dong!”
“Coming!” I screamed with a bit of irritation in my voice.
She had become impatient and couldn’t wait till I protected myself to wrestle with the harsh weather. In a short period of time, she had belled twice; I would definitely scold her. I opened the door and was about to utter some bad words out of my mouth but controlled myself as she was standing in front of me without shawl, sweater, socks and shoes, wearing a plain sari and blouse! Seeing her gave the impression that weather outside the flat is of summer and inside is of winter. My anger evaporated.
“What happened? Why are you wearing such thin clothes as if it is summer season?” I inquired.
She explained, “Last night, when I was going back home it started raining which completely drenched me. I couldn’t dry my clothes as there was no electricity last night. My loving husband gave this to me.” She showed proudly her right hand with a woolen green glove on it.
Phew! A dil in vibrant crimson is patched on it to hide the raveled part. I asked, “He could have given you a shawl as well.”
“All his clothes were also drenched while returning home. Only a pair of gloves was left which was in his inner pocket. I can’t stand and talk as I am getting late for my work in next house.”
She hurriedly went into the kitchen and I in my room. I shuffled my wardrobe to search a suitable sweater for her. I couldn’t find an appropriate one which could give her proper warmth. In one corner of the shelf, I found the sweater knitted by my granny. It is white color with rose flowers patterned on it in a vertical row. My granny had given it to me with her blessings that whenever I would receive my degree of doctorate on that occasion I would wear it. I had kept it for years and yesterday was that day, special very special! But now, my maid needed this sweater more. I made up my mind to order a designer cardigan on Snapdeal at economical price. Its quick delivery would surely make me centre of attraction in the function! I gave my priceless treasure to my maid and asked her to wear it right now. She couldn’t utter a word but her moist eyes were saying more than that. After all it was ‘Dil ki Deal’!

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