Friday, April 17, 2015

Kundalini Awakening

"What is Kundalini awakening?" One of my yoga student asked me.
"Kundalini is dormant spiritual energy that lies in every human being. It is described as a coiled serpent within us waiting to be awakened. It is awakened for union with God. Kundalini awakening results in deep meditation, bliss and enlightenment." I replied.
"I have heard that one's Kundalini awakens just before experiencing God and when one reaches the highest level? Is it true?"
"Kundalini awakening is the first step of spiritual journey which later on results in Samadhi."
"How does one come to know that one's Kundalini is awakened? I mean to say what are the symptoms of Kundalini awakening?"
"After Kundalini is awakened, one can feel the throbbing at the base of spine, involuntary body movements and choking in throat while meditating."
"Have you ever experienced any of these?"
"One of my student had a very unique experience just after practicing concentration exercises, pranayams and meditation for only three months - tears started flowing out of his eyes while meditating. What to say about seeing inner lights and hearing inner sounds!" I smiled like a child.

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