Sunday, April 26, 2015

Morning cuppa

Everyday, I take my morning cuppa in my balcony because I love to watch nature. The wind, sky, clouds, rain, trees, flowers, birds and sun are my best pals. I never get bored of with them. The spectacular view of the park in the society is eye catching, although from some height as my flat is on the third floor. It’s my daily routine to have my morning cuppa in the balcony to start my day with a celebration of life i.e. a date with the nature!

Experiencing the gentle wind on my face energises me, awakens me and relaxes my mind to the full. Fatigue, boredom, frustrations all evaporate as soon as the soothing breeze caresses my body. Creative thoughts and innovative ideas start hitting the mind as soon as it is delightfully relaxed with the beauty of environment. Not only it calms down my mind but also refreshes my soul. 

I take three deep breaths to inhale fresh oxygen which rejuvenates mind to such an extent that it is relaxed through out the day. I look up at the sky to enjoy the blue vastness or the ever changing shapes of clouds. Luckily, sometimes dark clouds pouring rain to nourish the mother Earth and cleanse the dirt suspended in between. Life is ever changing like the sky!

Stunned with the magical beauty, I view different shades of greenery from pale green to dark green in the park. The swinging tree branches depicts that they are too in a festive mood. Rainbow colour floral beds are the feast for my eyes. They bloom irrespective of thorns and hardships. The chirping of birds like Indian myna, Tree pie, Humming bird, Seven sisters, Parrot, Sun bird blends so well with the whispers of the wind in the trees. The birds too seem to enjoy life like a big occasion. Seeing them I can’t control myself and start singing songs to express how beautiful life is!

The orange ball slowly rising, glowing and becoming brighter giving me a warm hug and energising me to face all the difficulties with strength without being getting effected by them. The sun moves with its own grace while I drink not only the warm liquid in my mug but also that is pouring from the sky feeling warmth inside as well as outside.

A morning cuppa with nature is a blessing for the whole day! It is a soul uplifting experience.

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