Thursday, April 16, 2015

Magical warm water

From the past six months I was suffering from gastric problems. The pain was shifting sometimes around the navel, sometimes in lower left abdomen and sometimes above the navel on left side. The pain was not subsiding even after my regular control over my diet. I was taking light food like khichadi and porridge, fruits, buttermilk and curd. I took homeopathy medicines thrice a day. They too gave me temporary relief but as soon as I stopped taking those medicines the pain reappeared.

I decided to do some home remedies. I searched the net and found that drinking warm water can cure gastric problems. I drank warm water five six times in a day and found amazing relief. Pain and heaviness disappear. I had never thought of that my stomach ache would disappear with just a glass of warm water!


  1. Yes ..but you should get an X-ray done .. which is very important ..
    it shouldn't be ignored ..
    good luck .. and stay healthy :)

  2. Thanks Harman Singh. I will definitely get it done.
    Now, I am feeling much better.Once again thanks for ur valuable advice! :)