Friday, May 1, 2015

Launch of a smart phone

CEO of the 'X' company was on the stage to launch the new model of a smart phone. He hold the two phones from back side in both of his hands. Down the stage were the media persons who were clicking the photos and making videos of the new launch for good coverage. On the seats were sitting bloggers who were going to write about their experiences in this function and why they are interested in buying this mobile. The hall was big and full of people.

The lights were flashing on the stage for more photos and for better results in videos. One of a media person who was standing below the stage asked CEO to switch on the smart phone and show them. CEO clicked the button but it didn't start. He tried it four-five times but alas the result was the same. He handed over one phone to the person standing near by and again clicked the button twice or thrice. But the mobile was not in a mood to show its lights and colors.
"Atleast you should have learned it properly to switch on this new model before coming here." Someone screamed so loud that it was audible to all present in the hall.

Dear readers, this is my 650th post! :)

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