Sunday, May 10, 2015

Down the memory lane!

Dear Ma,
It was you who taught me to distinguish between the two things which appeared similar to me but were quite different such as ‘b’ and ‘d’, ‘6’ and ‘9’, ‘blue’ and ‘violet’, ‘cow’ and ‘buffalo’, ‘mango’ and ‘pear’, ‘left’ and ‘right’, ‘multiplication’ and ‘division’. When I grew up you taught me the most important thing that need to be distinguished all through the life – the ability to distinguish between ‘honesty’ and ‘dishonesty’, ‘truth’ and ‘lie’, ‘faithfulness’ and ‘unfaithfulness’.

I still remember the day when my classmate, baby ‘V’ decided not to make the project on ‘Diseases caused by mosquitoes’ rather get it done from a doctor on pay basis. I requested you to also get my project work done from him as I would not be able to give it a professional touch how hard I might try. You explained me that for doing any work there are two ways – one is difficult, long and requires lot of hard work but there is success in end for sure and other is short, too easy and tempting but one will fall or get in trap any time. You asked me to choose one out of two options. As I have faith in you, I opted for the success in the end. You helped me in making the project from library books and newspaper cuttings related to health. It took my whole three days to collect, analyze and compile that data where as baby ‘F’ enjoyed those days in watching movies and cricket match.

I and baby ‘F’ submitted the project on time. Next day in the school, as the teacher entered the class, she called baby ‘F’ and asked, “Did you made the project yourself?
She nodded.
Teacher shouted, “Tell me the truth.”
She said, “Yes, I made it.”
The teacher wrote a big zero on her project report and showed to the class. “If anybody repeats the same mistake, I will give a BIG zero. If you need any help you can come to me anytime, I am always there to help you but don’t you dare to get it done by others.” The teacher punished baby ‘F’ for telling a lie. Your guidance to choose the right path saved me from being humiliated in front of the whole class. I realized the importance and significance of truth, honesty and faith in your teachings. That day I can never forget!

Yesterday at work place, Mr. ‘D’ gave me a lucrative offer for changing some figures in company’s data. The bribe was too tempting too resist but the values you had incorporated in me were still there. Without any hesitation, I declined that offer.

Your values, teaching are always with me to guide me, to overcome obstacles whenever I find them on my path of success.

Your dearest daughter,

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  1. Very true....well said. ..its mother only who teaches us every thing but when we grow up most of us forgets☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

  2. Ya. That's sad but true. Thanks for such a nice comment! :)