Saturday, May 2, 2015

Double cheating = Prize won!

In a function, the anchor asked all the members who were present in the hall to stand up. He asked those to sit down who were wearing leather shoes with buckles. Some guys sat down. He asked all the ladies wearing saree to sit down. Only one middle aged woman sat down. Next he said those who were holding a hand bag to raise their hands. I was in the group and holding a small red pouch in my hand. I was feeling sad that now I have to sit down. But he gave a twist in the game and asked to remain standing. I felt relieved that I was safe. He said that those who were wearing green color top to sit down. My top was mostly yellow in color but has a few wide stripes of green in it. He asked them to sit down. I remained standing as the main colour of my dress was yellow. I was happy as I was still standing. I would definitely get the prize. He gave one more twist to the game and asked that the persons who are sitting won a mug as a prize and those who are standing who nothing. Without wasting a second I sat down as I have green color WIDE stripes in my dress.

"Two negatives make a positive!." I thought. "And double cheating can make you win a mug as prize."

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