Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Try with a fresh mind!

Mrs. 'G' updated her Facebook status.
"I tried to make khandvi but I am unable to make it thin like a sheet and can’t roll it. Either it becomes lumpy or doesn’t cook properly and sticks on the surface on which I spread it. I have tried it eight times What should I do?"
One of her friend, Mr. 'F' commented, "Try not to cook too much or too less. Settle somewhere in between."
Mrs. 'G' replied, "I tried once more but again failed."
Mrs. 'X' suggested, "Put the layer of oil on the surface of thali or slab."
Mrs. 'G' replied, "Not able to get the desired results."
Mr. 'P' advised her, "Go to sleep, you are tired now, give it a try tomorrow with a fresh mind."

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