Monday, May 4, 2015

Buying a house for a couple

I tried to open the door with the key. It didn’t work. Daily I opened the door with the same key but today it was as low as me! Not in a mood to move further. I was feeling blue because my home loan was not sanctioned by the bank and my application was rejected on a baseless ground. And with this my dream to buy a house of my own came to an end. With disappointment, I rotated the key once more with a little force to tackle the rust inside. This time, I could open the door.

I put my bag on the table and sat on a sofa, turning the pages of a newly arrived magazine. Suddenly I saw an advertisement of a developer who had developed a very large society near Greater Gurgaon, a property spread over 105 acres in the lap of nature. The flats had all the modern amenities, plenty of greenery and natural calmness. The 1800 families were already living there. I lost my heart not to be in those lucky families. I felt suffocated inside the room.

For some fresh air, I moved towards the balcony of my house in which I was living from the past five years on rent. As I opened the door of balcony and steeped into it, I saw an Indian myna coming towards the balcony who changed its flight direction and sat at some distance on the windowsill of the toilet. I was observing its movements and it was observing mine movements. Surprisingly I came early today and it was not expecting me at this time in the balcony. It was holding a small dry leave in its beak. Oh My Ghosh! It is making nest somewhere in my balcony!!

Three months before I bought a wooden bird house and nailed in on the wall near the air conditioner. In all the hustle and bustle to buy a new house, I forgot about the bird house. Suddenly a tree pie came from nowhere and that bird lose hold of the leaf from its beak which it must have selected after rejecting scores of leaves. The leaf danced in a rhythm half because of wind and half because of gravity. It attacked the tree pie so rigorously that tree pie would never dare to come again in this area. A small bird shooing a large size bird confirmed me that Indian myna had made its nest. To take rest, it sat on the air conditioner box. My eyes moved towards the bird house. Another Indian myna was curiously peeping outside from the round opening of bird house.

Even if I didn’t get a house for my own but I was happy as I had given a house to a pair of birds who were busy in protecting and decorating it in their own style. This gave me immense happiness. Surely than buying a house for me!

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