Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I steal the show

“Will you be going in business meeting with these grey strands on your head? My mother taunted me. She took a deep breath and said, “Top businessman from all over India will be present in the function and it is a life time opportunity for you to enhance your professional growth.”
“What should I do there is not much time left? I was busy from the past five days preparing power point presentation of our company’s products which are to be presented in the meeting.” I said.
“People will be more impressed if the presenter looks attractive. Nah!”
“I will be wearing a head gear to hide my grey hair.”
“Instead of hiding, show your beautiful long curly hair.”
“These white strands look so ugly. And I don’t want to use henna; the reddish brown colour multiplies my age many times.”
“You can try hair dye.”
“Oh no! They contain ammonia which is harmful for mucous and eyes.”
Godrej Expert Rich Crème contains ZERO ammonia moreover it contains Aloe Vera and milk proteins. After colouring hair, Aloe Vera will provide soothing and healing effect to your sensitive scalp which is prone to irritation. It will solve your other problems by removing dead skin cells, by promoting hair growth and preventing hair fall.”
“The color of dye is so artificial that anybody can recognise from a distance that the hair is dyed.”
“Godrej products are available in seven beautiful shades. You can choose the colour according to your hair colour. You can even go for advance option for brilliant hair colours”
“I have no idea. How will I mix the colourant and developer in right proportion?
Godrej crème comes in two pre-measured sachets. Just cut, fully squeeze and mix them. It is so easy, quick to apply and gives perfect results.”
“It will be very costly.”
“It will cost you only 30 rupees! Godrej Expert Rich Crème gives highest quality in lowest price!!”

I confidently presented my products in the meeting and surprisingly get several decent orders. Behind my every success in my first expert, my mother whose advice to colour my hair with Godrej Expert Rich Crème made me centre of attraction. Whether it was my GodrejExpert hair colour or my presentation skills or both but I steal the show!

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