Saturday, June 6, 2015

Awakening of my Kundalini energy

With my closed eyes, repeating the mantra calmly, I was experiencing the complete darkness and not the usual vibrant and ever changing violet lights which I saw almost daily. Without worrying about the inner lights, I constantly chanted the mantra - slowly and gradually. As soon as my mind was absorbed in the mantra then I felt a sudden jerk. Was it an earthquake, hitting the Himalyan mountain range again? The jerk stopped. It didn't reappear. I ignored it and diverted my mind back to the chanting of mantra with faith. Again my mind was concentrated and absorbed in the divine nectar of the mantra. My body shook vibrantly. I opened my eyes. I saw myself shaking. At that time, my spine was not less than a reverse pendulum - swinging to and fro without stopping. My neck was oscillating like a round ball attached to a pendulum clock. Some unknown force was working which was beyond my control. The movement slowed down and stopped as if nothing has happened a minute before. 

I changed the direction of my thoughts back to mantra and felt the bliss. A spam of hotness rushed upwards, making me sweaty all over. Although I was a bit frightened and scared but I was certain that it was not an outer quake rather some inner quake. Curious to know more about the inner happenings, I once again closed my eyes and concentrated my mind on the mantra. I impatiently waited for something surprising to appear. Alas! nothing happened! 

Because of that I felt disappointed, tried to forget that the incidences. I focused my mind again on mantra; its each and every syllable with full devotion. Deeply meditating upon it, I felt as if I was immersed in the ocean of peace and serenity. All of a sudden an electric current pass through my spine. It shook me. An inner dormant energy - Kundalini was awakened! 

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