Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Non-veg recipes

My Facebook status was
An ISKCON bhakt told me, "Watching non- veg recipes on T.V. is a sin! You must stop it immediately!"
Mrs. 'P' : Lol
I : The question is if there is a worm in a vegetable and chef cooked it without noticing it and I am watching that recipe on TV then whether this is a sin or not?
Mrs. 'P' : Good Question! And what will happen if a person who doesn't know about the protein addition and eat that food?
I : What else I can say on SNS except that Japa Meditation sequel is coming soon! :)
Mrs. 'P' : It will result in the rebirth into this wretched world & the bhakt will be thinking loudly where he had gone wrong while doing Japa Meditation.
I : What if the bhakt is reborn as a carnivorous animal???????


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