Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Wierd home work

Earlier, a few decades before the home work was given to children and was done by them like writing pages, solving problems, drawing diagrams and preparing models. But these days the home work is given to children by most of them is done by their mothers. The mothers will search Google, discuss with friends and relatives and still will find it difficult to do and will blame the teacher what the hell she has given. One of such suffering mother told me, "My child has got a weird assignment in Maths. He has to write the price of samosa, movie ticket, ludo, comic book and coca cola bottle in 1950 and 2015. Not only this what one can buy with Rs.4200 in 1920 and 2015?"

Dear readers, can you help her?


  1. I dont think coca cola existed in India in 1950..most of the things were prcied 10p or 20 p only:)

  2. Thanks Renu for visiting my blog! :)