Sunday, June 7, 2015

From the pen of...Dr. S. N. Mathur

'From the pen of...Dr. S. N. Mathur' is the small collection of fine articles written by Dr. S. N. Mathur which was printed to publicly appreciate his writings and was gifted by his family members on his 80th birthday. This booklet contains the gems of wisdom along with anecdotes. Some of them are 'Better late than never', 'Service above the self', 'Forget and forgive' and 'This too shall pass'. The author has imparted his valuable knowledge in a very interesting way through his life's incidences and humorous happenings around him.

Although the booklet contains a good collection of anecdotes on growing old gracefully but the one I liked the most, I am sharing here. One day the author met his friend and was delighted to see him cycling even at this age. His friend said, "One day I heard some strange noise coming from the cycle. I checked the brake, lining and chain cover and reset them in a hope to correct the fault. On starting the cycling again I found that noise was still coming. Finally, I discovered that the strange noise was not coming from the cycle but from my own knees."
The back cover of booklet tells 'About the Author'.