Monday, June 15, 2015

Seven months break

“I want to write a book. I want a break from the business work.” I told my father with a bit of hesitation in my voice.
He raised his eyes from the papers he was screening and asked “For how long?”
“At least one year.”
“You can take seven months break only. If you are dedicated you can finish one year work easily in seven months.”
“Fine, papa. If the book doesn’t complete in seven months then can I take one or two more months break.”
“No. You have to do it in this time limit. On which topic you want to write a book?”
“I haven’t decided yet.”
“To be successful, the first step is to fix your goals. Now, your long term goal is to finish this book from idea to print in seven months. You can divide this goal into immediate and short term goals. Work hard to achieve those goals. You will be able to achieve what you desire.”

When I was six years old, one day when I was not able to recite the table of seven correctly, he asked me to stand straight till I recite the tables correctly. I told me that I am feeling cold and want to sit in the quilt. But he didn’t allow me to enter the warm quilt as the warmth made me sleepy. When I recited it correctly after repetition of several times, he gave me a tight hug! That hug always reminds me of his discipline and love. 

As I had very less time, I started working on it. I decided to write a book on ‘Japa Meditation’. I framed the chapters first, and then draw a basic detail of all the chapters. I explained each and every topic in detail with witty or thought provoking examples. Illustrations were embedded in it. The most difficult work of editing of book was done with the help of my family members, friends and mentor. At last my book was published in seven months.

Yesterday, the book review of my book ‘Japa Meditation – The Easiest way to Calm the Mind’ appeared in Navbharat Times. I showed him the newspaper. The book review was written beautifully and in very simple words. With his moist eyes he hugged me tightly and said, “I am proud of you my child. You did it in the time prescribed.”

I said, “It happened because of your discipline, principals and love!” 

Dear readers, “This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


  1. very true.its parents only who instill the good values.. and Congrats Chandrika!

  2. Thanks Renu. The credit of my success goes to my father who inculcates the habit of hard working in me. :)