Sunday, June 14, 2015

Soul stirring b’day celebration

I can never forget 3rd December, 2014! What a hectic day it was!! I neither find the time to pick up the phone of my relatives and close friends who desperately wanted to wish me on my b’day nor could reply to wishes pouring in through sms. I got up late in the morning because I worked till 3 a.m. on my laptop. My boss has assigned me to organise a conference of five hundred persons and all of them were the top businessmen who would be attending that meeting.

I quickly took shower, dressed up and was in my office in just 15 minutes. May be I got ready like a robot with low battery! The function was going to begun in one and a half hour. Everything was ready except the hall which was untidy. Phew! The sweepers had not turned up! One of the staff members informed me that they were on strike. I was just about to have a heart attack then suddenly got an idea to call an emergency meeting. Everybody gave their unique but somewhat bizarre ideas to solve this not so complex problem but none of them was practically feasible. I called waiters, gardeners, helpers and peons to make the hall dust free and spotless and for that they would be paid some extra bucks.  

Money makes the world go! Not really! They all refused to clean the place because a pigeon was lying dead on the floor with its feathers scattered all over. I said confidently, “If nobody is interested in cleaning then give me the broom I will clean it. The function is going to start at the right time!” They were ashamed and regretted what they had said. At last it was cleaned and the function was organised well. All the members were happy and satisfied with the arrangements. By the end of the program, my energy was drained up in organizing, attending, meeting businessman and in solving the most unexpected problem. I was about to go home to enjoy my b’day then I received an sms from my boss.
An urgent meeting in the Ruby Hotel. Reach soon.

I was so tired how I reach there was a surprise for me! I gathered all my strength and entered the park of hotel. A huge circular stage was set on which Anushka Manchanda was singing in her melodious voice ‘Apna har din aise jiyo, jaise ki aakhari ho’. I melted down and forget for a moment that I came here to meet my boss. My fatigue evaporated. I felt refreshed. My eyes brightened. Not only my lips but my heart was also singing!

As the song ended, my eyes started searching the boss in the crowd. But I couldn’t find him. My mobile rung, it was a call from my boss. He said,“Happy B’day! Enjoy!! I hope you like the surprise!!!” Then, Anushka Manchanda started singing song, ‘Theepidika Theepidika’ in her sweet and sexy voice. Allu Arjun entered from the underground stage in a very impressive style. The beats gained pace and my heart missed a beat! His vibrant moves uplifted my spirits. I was mesmerised with his electrifying and almost impossible dance moves. His dancing prowess was bracing, stimulating and invigorating. What was a soul stirring experience it was!

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