Saturday, November 13, 2010


Thinking about 63mago, I picked up a tarot card. The card showed a woman who was sitting in between the piles and piles of books, reading, researching and writing.

A regular reader of my blog, 63mago who may forget to eat or drink but never forget to read my blog. I love her humor, her genius thoughts and her irony. I do not know much about her except that she resides in Germany.

Does regular reading of a particular blog draws an image of the blogger or is it just a platform to share information?


  1. I think so. Sometimes I'll refer to someone as "my bloggy friend" because reading and interacting with them on-line makes them more human than just a plain old website that I visit.

  2. Blogs are more personal. so i feel when we read and comment on a blog we are interacting with the writer personally.

  3. It draws an image and can reveal very much. It is interesting to see how much a writer shows. Some blogs I read are very personal, the anonymity helps a lot: No need to be anxious about the people around oneself, the truth can be saied. I even met one or two bloggers in real life, received letters and excanged gifts.

    The image on the card is fitting, I live with books and work with them any day. Maybe my anima is pictured, but I am a man. I want to thank you for mentioning my "genius thoughts", but have gently to refuse this formulation: I am far away from genius. :)

  4. I immediately draw a picture (I am right now) and it is always incorrect.
    Thank you for the visit. I enjoyed reading you

  5. I think it "connects" and one feels attached

  6. Chandrika,

    When you read someone's blogs regularly, you do make a mental picture of that person based on information given in profile also. We interact by leaving our comments, for or against, on the topic and our regular comments make the blogger also have our mental picture coupled with visit to our space.

    Take care

    PS : Left comments on previous posts too which I have read now.

  7. Oh yes. The name they go by, the way they write, their comments, it all draws an image in my mind immediately. Despite their picture, the mental image can twist it into personality that comes from how I perceive them.;)
    Thank you very much for your visit and kind comment.;)

  8. It is a platform that reveals a lil bit about the author!