Saturday, November 6, 2010

Autumn season

I had almost forgotten that there was a season called autumn... :P
Mr. 'A' posted this picture and caption on the social networking site.

Ms. 'C' commented :
Autumn is a season to forget and spring is the season to remember forever. :) But unfortunately autumn is too long and spring is too short.

Mr. 'A' commented :
Autumn is the season of preparations, to get ready to face the challenges of winter season. Moreover one can't appreciate the beauty of a flower until one remember a bare plant or tree.

Do you agree with Mr. 'A' or Ms. 'C'?


  1. I wonder, why there is not a B?

  2. I like autumn very much. So I do not follow Mr. C. and agree with Mr. A.

  3. The question you ask is valid for those lucky enough to have life seasons. For so many, life in one long autumn and winter, not to mention torrential unscheduled rains. Next question...:-)

  4. A AND C both have beautiful views .but let me say a beutiful thing "life has to be a mixture of "autumn and spring".Then there is an esscense to it.

  5. I go with Mr. A. Fall is my favorite season.

  6. I agree to both the views. Helps put life in perspective :)

    Joy always,

  7. One hardly sees any autumn in India to realize its importance.

  8. the statements made by both if them are complementing each other. Interesting it is.

  9. 'A' sounds optimistic. Though, we just have one long summer - the good summer and the bad summer and some off season showers to keep us cool!

  10. Hi Chandrika ~~ You are fortunate to have an Autumn. It came late this year there too, I take it.
    Our Autumn is very short here on the U.S. Texas Gulf Coast; we had five days of it last week. By the end of this week we will be in the eighty's again.

    Thank you for visiting my poems. I looked for common commenters and found Nessa. You probably came from her blog I'm guessing?
    I do appreciate your leaving a comment also. Thank you for that. I am in a sabatical for writing poems right now although I do plan to resume. Mine aren't very good but I enjoy the thought process as well as the mechanics involved (rhyme, meter, etc).

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  12. Chandrika,

    A is right. C is right with her limited views.

    Take care

  13. @ everyone : Thanks a lot! :) Special thanks to Tomz and Ugich. :)

  14. was going through my old photos and remembered that I never wrote a blog on this...
    and remembered that I never visited urs...
    nice to see that some people do agree with Mr. A