Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Urself is Yourself

"Don't you know the spellings of 'Yourself'?" Saying this, a staff member of a reputed bank rejected my cheque addressed as 'Urself'.
"Yup .......but these days both spellings work." I tried to justify myself.
"Its wrong. You have to fill up another cheque with correct spellings."

Does shortening of spellings save our time or lead us to trouble?


  1. hey chandrika,now a days even i have forgotten proper usage of certain words .If you read my posts and responses to posts , you can find a lot of "u"for you and urself for "yourself" .This is purely internet grammer:)

  2. In official cases, we have to use the correct spellings.
    some one may mistake with these shortened words. For example: One day my friend's father called her and told that ur bf is ready in the table. She didn't get. What he mean. Actually Bf have commonly two meanings...Blue film and Boy friend. But he shortened Break Fast....

  3. Oh well ...it depends on how and when ...certainly i cases like these, it is trouble. But in several other cases, like texting, chatting, or e-mailing to unofficial people, etc., these shortcuts are of real help ...they help reduce time, thereby having a more lively conversation, and it also enables us to to type/write words more like the way we pronounce it.

    Great topic for a debate, indeed! :)

  4. I dont know why .. but girls do have a problem about this . I once saw a girl friend of mine writing yourself in facebook comment .. she then deleted it and posted again with urself .. Do you see any point why yourself should be modified with urself?

  5. Chandrika,

    it cmz v r 4getng wot v need 2 rite.

    Does this seem correct reply?

    Take care

  6. Thankfully all these shortenings do not work in my language. I do not think that these shortforms save any time, in fact I have to translate these single letters and shreds of information into a meaningful sentence, a process of reconstruction ...

  7. abbreviations are ok for sms's and in our days telegrams. For everything else it is a big NO-NO. Mb im of - read - maybe I'm old fashioned!

  8. Hey Hi..

    reading this post brought back memories of a friend and fellow blogger...i used to use the shorter form of the words while writing, but after reading them, that person always asked me to change it...
    once, just while chatting i enquired about the reason...here is what that person said,
    "We write, we express...our expressions gather meaning through these words and the spaces between them, without them, there is no meaning to what you say...its just gibberish. respect them, each word is an entity..."
    Well, that pretty much made me oblige there after...

    The Silhouette...

  9. In official transactions, its advised we be perfect as much as possible. We may understand what we wrote. But everybody wont. Besides, writing small words wont save much of our time is what I think.

  10. @ everyone : Thanks a million and special thanks to those who click on interesting button. :)