Monday, November 22, 2010

Begging : art or pressure

“Give me some alms.” A kid came near me and asked.
“No.” I said.
“Please.” She brought the empty bowl closer.
“No” I repeated adamantly.
She bowed before me; her head was on my feet.

Do you think it is glamorisation of begging or it is the result of great deal of pressure on underprivileged?


  1. they are taught these tactics to make ppl feel what u r feeling. confusion. and in that confusion and mercy we convince ourselves to fall for this.. in a way supporting begging.

  2. Glamorization...i doubt...still der r many blur visions...we dont know abt behind scene...but by helpin dem by givin money...may b encouragin 2 beg?

  3. I'm told there's a great deal of pressure. I've been in this situation like you and it feels very awkward (and guilt-inducing!)to refuse.

    Thank you very much for visiting my blog Chandrika. Lovely to see you!

  4. its a crime to encourage begging either they beg under pressure or for any other reason ...

  5. Everybody is allowed to beg. Few do it voluntarily. And giving something is no crime.

  6. It is a pressure on underprivileged. We dont know how much pressure that the girl is having if she did not get enough money.

    Thanks Chandrika for your regular visit of my blog.

  7. Pleasure, of course. Feel sorry for them.

    Begging is a mafia, they only get some kind of "Job Satisfaction" with these, when they do the "job" well, as told to them by their masters.

    The hell with cruelty of "Human".

    Short but provoking post :)

  8. Chandrika,

    Unfortunately it has become a vocation now for which training is imparted.

    Take care