Monday, November 15, 2010

Gifts from blogger friends

Mr. ‘O’ wrote to me
I have many blogger friends even met one or two bloggers in real life, received letters and excanged gifts.

I replied
I haven’t met any blogger friend in person except my cousin.

Have you ever received gifts or met blogger friends in person or no?


  1. Only one in my case...otherwise no, but I do know of someone who has made tons of friends through blogging and all of them regularly catch up

  2. Nope.. But we should have Bloggers get-together...

  3. Chandrika,

    I have met a few, in touch with few telephonically but yet to meet and exchange e mails with some more. I am thinking of organising a bloggers meet.

    Take care

  4. Once a year irish bloggers gather for the Irish Blog Award.

  5. Met blogger friends at a meet by IndoBlogger in Chennai and it was super fun! No gifts ever :D

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  7. @ everyone : Thanks for reading and commenting. :)