Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Contradictory comments

Two passer bys most probably a grandfather and his grandson watched me with astonished looks as I was feeding cow with eatables which were placed on a piece of paper.

“Its good to feed cows. It’s good especially if fed on papers.” Grandfather commented.
“If you continue feeding cow on paper, one day it will die.” Grandson commented.

What do you think one should follow or not such free consultancy services? ;-)


  1. LOL !

    I dunno what to suggest. But sounds damn funny. :D

  2. haha! I think it should be taken on lighter note!

  3. if the advice is right it must be followed:).just because it is unsolicited, shouldnt be ignored.

  4. How do all these things on earth happen to you?? :D

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  6. Its always good to take what is good from every source. If it makes our ways better, take whatever suggestions or advices. And when they coming for free, why think about it, if at all its right.