Thursday, February 3, 2011

2000 $ Prize!

Location : Parking area of Baga Beach, Goa

“You win second prize of 2000 $! You are a lucky lady!! There are so many people who try their luck daily but only a few get this prize. I, myself has seen this prize for the first time. Earlier I have just heard about it. You have to just come with me to my resort which is two minutes distance from here. You have to meet the staff and they will hand over you the prize money.” A young guy told me as on scratching the card given by him showed second prize of 2000 $ out of four other prizes printed on that card.
“Hmmm.” I said.
“I will get Rs. 500 if you will visit our resort.”

Should I go to that resort and collect the prize money or should I forget about that as it can be a fraud?


  1. I don't actually know anything about this. My apologies.

    Joy always,

  2. Aah, prize wins. If I collected all the prizes I got from lotteries run by Google, Yahoo, Coca Cola and UK govt, (no idea why UK govt decided to run a lottery from Nigeria!) I would have been richer than Ambani.

  3. I think it is a fraud,why anyone will give prize just like that..

  4. Why don't u just drop in.. I don't there will any cover charges..

  5. It is a fraud. I only hope a gentle one.

    What can one buy for 500 Rupies?

  6. WHy don't you just go to the resort to see what happens there. But report the police first and go with them to the resort.