Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Washing face with mineral water

The kid vomited in the vehicle. The semi liquid splashed on the windowpane, handles, under the seat on foot mats. It was everywhere. Sigh! I took him out of the vehicle as we parked a car in a side lane of a highway. Earlier the kid told me that he was about to vomit but on a highway the car was in full speed that too on right side and it took time to stop it on the left side. The kid couldn’t wait and vomit.

As in the car there was only mineral water for drinking which in case of need I gave to the kid for cleaning his mouth and face. He washed and wiped it with tissue papers.
As he throw the last tissue paper he said, “Washing face with mineral water was an awesome experience!”

Should I scold the child for vomiting it the car and not telling me before hand or should I smile on his cheerful innocence?


  1. I would smile on his cheerful innocence and recomend that next time he try to let you know when he is feeling sick. maybe keep an extra mineral water. lol. hope you are well, always glad to visit.

  2. why would you scold .. he did not do deliberately :) next time MOM DEAR keep some bags those plastic ones in the car jsut in case then you wont have to clean the car :) or stop in emergeny .. yayyyyy :)

  3. I would smile like Cinner and move on with that. Kids are kids.

    Joy always,

  4. Next time have the kid vomit out of the window. Makes an interesting design.

  5. Why would someone scold the child! Moreover, he has already informed that he is having vomiting sensation. Its best to carry some hygeine bags with us, which can be used to collect vomit!!
    I'm sure washing face in mineral water is as refreshing as it could get!!

  6. Ah, the joys of motherhood/adulthood :). I'd say the kid acted pretty responsibly, indicating beforehand that he was going to vomit... Wonder how the mineral water felt different on his face?

  7. Haha! it's kinda bit irritating, but hey don't you think it's funny? and cute too (the child's innocence, that is!) everything has its highs and lows...

    i'd smile on that :)♥

  8. Haha! True to your tagline... loved the subtle humour and silent caring ways of a mom.