Sunday, February 13, 2011

Toffees in exchange of coins!

“I do not have three rupees change so I am giving you these toffees.” A shopkeeper said to a customer.

“Do you have two rupees change, ma’am?” That shopkeeper asked me when my turn came for billing.
“I have toffees in exchange.” I replied.

Will shopkeeper accept toffees in exchange of coins from me or no?


  1. ha ha..tat's tricky Chandrika...They will not accept it! But we have to humbly accept the chocolates / toffies they give away (generously!!) instead of money!
    I hate it when the shopkeeper says that he does not have change, and gives away bad tasting toffees!!

  2. What's it in hobnobs? I could chip in a Butterkeks.

  3. no they dont..they give toffees when they dont have change...but they fool customers..

  4. I like toffees, so I don't mind the swindle! :P

  5. This is a trick used by shop keepers to increase their business... This has been spread in all India..
    And to your question:- They ill ot accept that...

  6. No he wont.
    Only the customer is expected to accept toffees in exchnage

  7. Chandrika,

    Are you serious? You would get dirtiest of looks. It is just one way traffic.

    Take care