Thursday, February 17, 2011


During my early days of blogging he followed my blog. He is a regular reader of my blog. He encourages with his inspiring comments to write better and good. I want to thank Kavi for sharing my url on his blog as most of the readers visit my blog via his blog.

A few days back I read about him that he can run 35 kilo meters at a stretch.

How many kilo meters can you run at a stretch? OK guys, I ask a simple question. How many meters? ;)


  1. i like the way you ended this post 'bout your friend Kavi... but, sorry co'z i don't run much... but i can walk faster than a normal teen can do... haha...^^

  2. I think I am familiar with this blogger

  3. Zero
    I usually do gymming..and two to three miles running on tracks..!!its like killing myself!

  4. A few hundred metres is all I can do, and that too remains to be seen with my butt seated on the office chair all day long!

  5. Thanks for making it simple. I will try and let you know. :)

  6. 2.1 km (with a lot of effort) and a medal from a relay marathon to back it up :)