Saturday, February 5, 2011

It stinks!

“I am having vomiting sensation.” The kid told me.
I immediately stopped the car. “Let’s have a short walk to harbour of Mandavi River which is near.”
“Fine.” He said while stepping out of the car.
We crossed the road and entered a fish market closed to harbour.
“It stinks. I can’t bear it.” The kid who is eggetarian reacted.
“You have to cope with it.” I told.
“No, I can’t.”
“Put your handkerchief on your nose.” I suggested.
He took fast paces to fish market and harbour and declared “I am alright. I have no more vomiting sensation. Let’s move out of this place.”

His vomiting sensation evaporated because of short walk to harbour or because of foul smell of fish market?


  1. Fish smell might have hurt him more and made him forget the sensation while crossing/leaving the place!

  2. “You have to cope with it.” I told.

  3. The walk. He gets sick because of an irritation of the equilibrium. Walking sets it to normal again.
    Make him sit higher so that he can look outside while driving in the car. If he sits too low he can only see the inside of the car that moves and shakes him around. Seeing the horizon helps.

  4. The fish smell would have been so stronger, that his mind was preparing to cross this place, and with that, the vomiting sensation got supressed!! Could be!!

  5. I, too, feel nauseous when I smell meat. It became worse after I jumped in Ganga river in Varanasi 20 years ago.

  6. I remember the story about a flower seller and a fish vendor travelling together. The fish vendor could not stand the smell of flowers..It is not the smells that are bad but our own ability to deal with it. Beleive me, I work with fish vendors and the smell of fish now is very reassuring!