Sunday, February 6, 2011

No coconut water!

On most of the beaches in Goa, there were waves in oceans, sand, bars & restaurants and coconut trees with numerous fruits of all sizes.

Surprisingly no shops were selling coconut water on beaches. But on every selling point there were varieties of soft drinks and alcoholic drinks. Mineral water in different brand names were also available.

Do you think this is commercialisation of beaches or to preserve the beauty of beaches coconuts are not sold as coconut took time in biodegradation?


  1. Hi Chandrika

    Coconut water is no longer a drink that people care about. Infact, I am apalled at the fact that today we buy what is a free natural resource -water!! Today we buy water to drink . Tommorrow we will buy water to bathe? I dont think we will enjoy coconut water unless pepsi or coke decides to bottle it and sell it after a major commercial that hits all the TV channels?

  2. I am sorry, have no idea whatsoever. I only know "The Cocoanuts" ...

  3. really? this is news to me! beach and no coconot water? thats sad and no fun.

    i had recently been to port-blair and south east Asia beaches and i found a lot of coconut water being sold and bought!

  4. for the humidity in coastal area, coconut water is a great relief.

  5. everyone comes to Goa to drink alcohol..thats why for me there is no magic in Goa.. I think of Goa as a bar.. place where you get cheap alcohol...
    thats it.. and for the beaches...there are many equal or better beaches along the konkan coast (my native place) .. coconut water is good and healthy but turning out to be expensive in the city..

  6. Nowadays, coconut also is becoming a commercialised product

  7. don`t know what to comment???

    But Coldrinks are not good for health...

    Indian Sushant

  8. I love drinking tender coconut!! Especially with scorching sun, heat waves, and in beaches! People must be aware of the natural drink, and they should know that this is much better than aerated drinks!