Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Season of marriages and functions

“Last two months were the season of marriages and functions so I ate non-veg dishes and drink a lot. From past a few days, I had a light pain in my heart. I had a thorough check up; it was a great relief to find out that I had no heart problem. The doctor advised me to eat light food as it might be a gastric problem. You know, I am Punjabi and we love to eat spicy and fried food. In boiled dal (pulses) we add half kilogram of desi ghee to make it delicious. I told my doc that even my dog didn't relish porridge and hotchpotch. It would sniff and leave.” A young guy narrated his story to me.

Do you have control on your eating habits in season of marriages and functions or no?


  1. Talk of gasttric problem andy here I am..Have suffered a lot bcoz of this problem so I can very easily control my eating habbits..And I suggest everyone should have a control over their diet..

  2. From my personal experiences, I can say that one must have a reasonable control.

  3. During weddings it becomes hard to control! But otherwise regular control is required.

  4. Nooo I look forward to thes occasions CAUSE I can eat as much and then BLAME it on the occasion works fine for me :)


  5. Oh yes..very much! I am totally fond of wedding food - the varieties, sweets, savourites - they are very tempting! Sometimes I am cautious, but many times, I let go my control, and have a blast! But the very view of so many varieties, sometimes simply fill up your stomach!

  6. Chandrika,

    It is not only during marriage season but all the time one must remember that anything within limits is good for one, be it drinks or food or any other habit.

    Take care