Monday, March 14, 2011


“It is cute. What its name?” I asked an elderly man who was walking along with his pet dog.

Hakira suntaa nee. (Hakira doesn’t listen)”. He paused and looked if I understood. On seeing my blank face he said, “Its name was Hakira. My granddaughter called it by its name and he didn’t listen to her so she started calling Hakira suntaa nee. That’s how it got its present name. Now everybody in the family called it Hakira suntaa nee.”

Have you ever heard the funnier pet name than this one; yes or no?


  1. My dog was called Sunrise - and he died after 20 something years at sunset.
    But what he loved most is basking in the midday sun.

    OK, let us put this into a Haiku format (5|7|5)

    my dog called sunrise
    died at sunset after years
    and he loved the sun

  2. Ah ! Whats in a lovely name is the loveliness and the name ! :)

  3. I have been a dog lover, but, never did I hear a name like this.

  4. Chandrika,

    I have come across many names which seem funny but nothing to beat this.

    Take care

  5. @ Everyone : Thanks! :) Special thanks to Zee and Kavi. :)