Sunday, March 20, 2011

A Kiss on cheek!

“You wear specks, Chandrika.” Mr. ‘H’ commented while watching a dark romantic movie in a theatre. At that time, the first husband of heroine cheated in the game and hit the servant’s eye with a chabuk (horse whip) which bled profusely. I did not like to be disturbed while watching movie and that too a thrilling scene. I maintained the silence to enjoy the movie. He leaned a little towards me, excitedly or fearful placed his hands on mine and whisper, “I am seeing you wearing spectacles for the first time.”
“From the last two years I wear them to correct my eyesight.”

Do you think he was disturbed by watching a brutal scene, to divert his mind and to soothe himself he hold my hand or instead of watching such a thrilling and interesting movie he was admiring me in dim lights of hall?

If former is correct reason then kiss on right cheek and if later then kiss on left cheek. ;-)