Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tomz request

On Tomz request I am writing one more post on Pentagon.

Pentagon had a younger sister and a brother. When his brother was in seventh standard, he bunked classes with friends to swim in the nearby canal. The flow of stream was so fast that his brother’s dead body could not be found. This shock decreased the screaming frequency of his mother but her habit to clean things increased; instead of washing currency notes once with detergent, she started washing them seven times.

His younger sister was a slow leaner, not beautiful and has disproportionate figure. She was doing B.Sc. (Home Science). It was her good luck that the seats in the college increased in that particular year of her admission.

Pentagon is presently doing a decent job in a foreign country.

What question should I ask in the end of this post, Tomz will suggest? ;)


  1. Just read out your 3 pentagon posts..
    good work & well pointed out questions too.

    btw does this story have any inspiration ????

  2. @ Sat_hi_sh : If one has such worst days of life that mother treat her own son like an enemy and no neighbour turn up to help because of her quarrelsome nature even then if one patiently waits good days come in the form of success. Time changes!

  3. @ Chandrika Shubham

    Yeah what u said is really true :)
    but u haven't answered my question :)

  4. Hey..I see this post late..thanks fr writing it..I was curious to know the fate of pentagon because I wondered what would be the future of an ill-treated small boy.Did his mother's cruel nature influence his psyche..?That's all what I wanted to know..

    But after knowing that Pentagon has become successful in life I wonder how the psychologists can be true always..!

    but u already have asked a question in the end..

    ok..if I follow the typical Chandrika Shubham style of asking a question, I would ask like this:

    Do you think a kid who was treated badly during his childhood days would become successful in life?

  5. @ Sankoobaba : :)

    @ Sat_hi_sh : Let the question be unanswered then ...;)

    @ Tomz : Continous three posts on Pentagon would be boring so I was just confused to post it or not. Your comment to know about Pentagon removed the confusion.

    His father was a successful surgeon. He supported Pentagon by providing him a separate house when he was old enough to live alone where he could study without any intereference of his mother.

    Thanks for asking a question in typical CS style. :D

  6. Oh..thats very sympathetic, Anyway god has given him a good father. But he had to provide him a separate accommodation to rescue him from his own mother's itching..anyway he succeeded in life..

  7. Chandrika,

    I am sorry to hear this. However I think it is best for him to have counselling and also take his mother for help. His sister may also be counselled for being confident and self reliant.

    Take care

  8. @ All: Thanks for reading and commenting. :)