Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Pentagon story continues…

“What was the Question No.1?” During examination days Pentagon mother asked from indoors.
“Whose glasses were missing?” Pentagon replied while standing in the corridor.
“What did you write?”
“Did you write only ‘Kutchu’s’? What is the need to write whole sentence?” She uttered something in her mother tongue which only Pentagon understood.
“Kutchu’s glasses were missing.”
“What was the Question No. 2?”

This question and answer session continued till he replied to all the questions from the question paper. If he answered them correctly then only his mother allowed him to come in the house and if he answered a single question incorrectly his mother punished him by standing in the corridor for long hours.

Did the passer bys from that corridor help him by giving food and water or were they mere silent watchers?


  1. I cant say, but now i want to know the present situation of both. What happened to Pentagon and his mother? I hope u would write about the that in the coming posts..

  2. Poor guy. It would be nice, if he had got something...

  3. ugh. these are the kind of kids i do counseling with...

  4. @ Everyone : Thanks for sharing ur views. :)

  5. Chandrika,

    More than food and water for him, it is his mother who needs to be taken for psychiatric counselling.

    Take care