Sunday, March 27, 2011

Precious water

“I installed a waterfall and rain shower in my bathroom.” A rich middle aged man proudly told.
“You will be wasting so much water.” A college going guy commented.
“It is soothing and enjoying.” Rich man tried to justify.

Is it enjoying or wastage of precious water?


  1. for fun loving people- it is enjoying &
    for water conscious people- it is wastage..
    Conclusion: depends on the mind set of the person..

  2. If he doesnt use it more than once a week, then he is definitely not wasting water.

  3. AS The Old man is RICH , he does not feel like wasting water so he is enjoying :-)

  4. There was some study done recently which proved that people who take shower use more water than people who take bath(bucket and mug style).But you can't also plan each action of yours according to social development.In life you need to do few things for personal enjoyment.It's ok if you enjoy taking shower but don't over indulge.

  5. I had read somewhere that on an average a shower takes 1/6th less water than if using water from a bucket ... dunno if it is true...

  6. Its wastage, but to enjoy in shower we need to accept such wastage.

  7. Chandrika,

    If he is recycling the water it is fine but otherwise he is playing with limited resources.

    Take care