Saturday, March 19, 2011

Internet : Boon or bane

“She thoroughly searched internet which drug in how much amount would be fatal for her.” Mr. ‘L’ told about her niece who committed suicide because of frustrations in career.

What do you think internet is boon or bane?


  1. net is a boon otherwise you may not received my comment.

  2. boon if u use it wisely

    and i saw the post Tomz request now only. comment posted..

    also its very long time since u visited me last

  3. internet is neutral. depends on how it is used just like fire!

  4. omg!! That's really sad!! Internet is a boon...ofcourse...but a bane too! All these technology and inventions are simply complicating our lives more!! ad we not had any such modern tools and inventions, life would have been more happier, peaceful...

  5. Chandrika,

    Everything has plus or minus points. It is the proper balance which matters.

    Take care