Saturday, March 26, 2011

A street dog

I gave some bits of chapatti to a street dog that lived outside a posh colony of Gurgaon. He sniffed them and looked towards me as if asking “What is this?”
Poch poch. Eat it. Eat it.” I said.
“Tuli doesn’t eat chapatti. He only eats spicy, fried and baked food.” A person observing this told me.

Tomorrow what should I give him; Domino’s pizza or McDonald’s burger? ;-)


  1. I think Hot Dog would be better...!!! :)

  2. Difficult question, Chandrika. I am not worried about not having an answer but the fact that when I will look at Chapati in my plate tomorrow, I will remember that even a dog does not eat it!


  3. Chandrika,

    We too have such snobbish dogs here. I feed them with left over non-veg, may be bones only at times. I break chappatis into small bits and let bird, specially sparrows, enjoy it.

    Take care

    PS : Left comment on all pending previous posts too.

  4. @ Everyone : Thanks a lot! :) Special thanks to Vivek Patwardhan. :)