Tuesday, May 23, 2023

How can Beginners Select a Mantra for Chanting in Sadhana App?

Which mantra should I chant?

I received numerous emails from various aspirants who often wonder which mantra they should chant because out of 150 mantras in Sadhana App they can’t pick one. In the Sadhana App, the seeker has the golden opportunity to connect with any or all of 11 different deities and to build a bond through their respective mantras. The deity one prays to influences one’s transformation. Each deity whom the aspirant prays brings the positive changes which are listed below, allowing the seeker to choose the one that aligns best with his/her desired goal.

1. Lord Surya: Praying to Lord Surya brings name, fame, inner strength and vitality.

2. Lord Ganesha: Praying to Lord Ganesha removes obstacles, brings prosperity and abundance.

3. Lord Shiva: Praying to Lord Shiva grants very quick inner transformation and liberation.

4. Ma Gayatri: Praying to Ma Gayatri bestows wisdom and spiritual enlightenment.

5. Sri Hari: Praying to Sri Hari fills one's heart with divine love and devotion.

6. Ma Durga: Praying to Ma Durga provides seekers with protection, courage and strength.

7. Ma Laxmi: Praying to Ma Laxmi blesses with wealth, prosperity (material success) and moksha (liberation) after fulfilling all materialistic desires.

8. Lord Rama: Praying to Lord Rama leads to a simplified life of righteousness and integrity.

9. Lord Hanuman: Praying to Lord Hanuman develops unwavering devotion, courage to face challenges and freedom from all problems.

10. Lord Krishna: Praying to Lord Krishna blesses one with devotion, divine love and bliss.

11. Gurudev: Praying to Gurudev facilitates one’s journey on spiritual growth and provides guidance.

Choosing the right mantra depends on various factors, including one’s level of experience. It's recommended that the beginners should start with short and simple mantras that will help in building concentration. For instance, Om Namah Shivaya, a panchakshari mantra, or Rama Nama japa is most suitable for those who wish to worship Lord Shiva or Lord Rama respectively. They are simple yet powerful mantras. Out of the three options in Sadhana App, the first one is for beginners.

As you explore different mantras of a particular deity, I will suggest you to chant them for sometime, observe yourself which one you feel most comfortable with and with which one you feel more connected to. Once you find that mantra, stick to it for your regular practice, chant it in morning and evening if possible almost all the time while walking, cooking, travelling, moving in an elevator etc.

To be continued ……..

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  1. Jai Sri Hari! Your article beautifully outlines the significance of choosing the right mantra based on individual goals and desired transformations. As saints have said, "Find the mantra that resonates with your soul and chant it with unwavering devotion." I believe regular practice and constant connection with the chosen mantra can lead to profound spiritual growth and guidance.