Saturday, April 1, 2023

My Spiritual Crying While Performing Live NavDurga Yagna Day 9 - 31 March 23 in Sadhana App

While meditating on the tantric eulogy of Mother Divine I started sobbing. My eyes welled up with tears. They started flowing down, wetting my soft cheeks. I was performing live NavDurga Yagna Day 9 - 31 March 23 in Sadhana App. As usual I had already cried a lot while doing yagna on Navaran Mantra and Tantric Mantra of that day.

While meditating on Mother Divine, my mind became silent, the unresolved emotions of my subconsciousness came up on the surface, triggering a very strong emotional urge to cry and to vent out all those suppressed emotions. The negative emotions that flowed out in the form of tears from my eyes helped me in feeling light and free.

It is all Mother Divine's Blessings! :)

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  1. Jai Sri Hari!, Your heartfelt words remind me of the transformative power of prayer and the beauty of connecting with the divine. Thank you for sharing your spiritual journey with us.