Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Age Factor

"How old are you?" One of my batch-mates asked me.
"What?" I was surprised if I heard her correctly.
"I am 42 years old. What is your age?" she asked again.
I passed a long smile to say her to leave this stupid question but she was adamant to know.
She repeated, "My age is 42 years. You must be younger to me. What is your age?"
I inquired, "How does it make a difference if you know my age and if you don't know my age?"
She elaborated, "A is ...years old, B is ... years old, C is ... years old and ....."
She knew age of all batch-mates and had prepared a mental chart of it. She conclude ,"Most of the students is this course are either in their late twenties or early thirties except me, Mr. 'Z' who's age is... and Ms. 'Y' who is ... years old. You know, Chandrika they say if your back is flexible then you are young!"
"Ya. True."
"That's why I am keeping my back flexible."
"That's nice!" I said with a smile. "According to this theory. you are the youngest among us."
She was happy like a child and asked one more question popping up in her mind. "What is Mataji's age (Director's age)?"
"WHAT! I do not know."
"Can you guess her age?"
"I have no idea. In general, people who do meditation look younger than their age."
"Then she must be 40 years old."
When I didn't know what to say for a stupid question then I just smiled.
"Or 50 years old."
I broadened my smile.
"Or 60 years old."
I tried to broadened my smile further but couldn't because there is a limit of my facial muscles to expand in contrary to stupidity which can expand limitlessly.

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