Tuesday, October 18, 2016

The guy who dispelled my tensions by sharing his own!

From the past ten months, I had too many problems in my business that were causing tensions to me. I was trying my best to sort out the things but the problems were increasing in size as well as in number.
Today, when I was in Mr. ‘V’s office, waiting for the paper work to be done, a person entered the office, he introduced himself as 'H'. With his way of talking, I guessed that he was a rich businessman of the town. Mr. 'V' and Mr. 'H' must be knowing each other well as they both shared their experiences, discussed their problems and the possible solutions of them. I was listening to them, as I have no other work to do. In conversation, Mr. ‘H’ explained about his some of the business problems. And what a coincidence! Mr. ‘H’ explained almost about all those problems that I was experiencing in my business from past ten months. After knowing that he was going through the same phase in business as I was, not all but most of my tensions evaporated. :)

“Whether one has the business of 1 crore or 100 crores the problems are the same! ;)” I thought.

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