Saturday, October 29, 2016

Hanuman Chowk, Uttarkashi

"We are near petrol pump. Where are you?" A friend asked me on phone.
"I am coming towards the market after visiting Kaleshwar Temple. On which petrol pump I have to come?" I asked.
"In Uttarkashi, there is only one petrol pump."
"I do not know where it is. In main market, I only know about Hanuman Chowk."
"Fine. We are going towards Hanuman Chowk. We have to pick the cake from a bakery which is situated near it. You come there and give a call to me."
I started moving towards Hanuman Chowk. I walked straight on not so good road then take a left turn and saw this beautiful scenery.
I clicked some photos. I wanted to stay there for some more time but I have to rush to meet my friends who were waiting for me. In hurry, I missed a turn and moved in a wrong direction. There were not so many people passing through that road. I doubted whether I am on a right path. To confirm I asked a man coming from opposite direction. He guided me. I couldn't understand the way.
He said," I am also going on the same side. You can follow me."
I turned and began to follow him.
We went some steps ahead on the road, took a narrow downward lane which I couldn't saw and crossed this bridge above the Bhagirathi river.
At that time, many people were crossing the river which was flowing harshly. We walked in the streets; sometimes taking left turn, sometimes taking right turn and sometimes walking on straight roads and sometimes on curved roads.
"Where are you? We are waiting for you. Come fast." I received the sms from my friend.
I paced and almost ran sometimes. As I saw the image of Lord Hanuman, I started running in full speed towards it. I forgot to say thanks to that man who showed me the correct path to Hanuman Chowk. How I could be so thankless!

This post is dedicated to him. :)

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